Cameroun – Vaccination for all children : Cbc health services makes it a challenge in Cameroon

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The launch of the program to effectively achieve and adapt zero dose childhood immunization services, was carried out on 10 2022 in Yaoundé.

 Vaccination is essential for all children.  It turns out that many toddlers do not benefit from it due to several factors.  In an effort to reach all children everywhere, the Ia 2030 immunization program prioritizes reaching the most marginalized and vulnerable populations.

 This initiative comes to the aid of the government’s efforts to vaccinate as many people as possible through the EPI-extended program of vaccination in order to spare them from certain diseases such as: measles, poliomyelitis, rubella, among others.  The objective of this health campaign, which will take place primarily in 6 regions from 2021 to 2025, is: « to leave no one behind in terms of vaccination ».  it’s about helping countries accelerate their efforts to reach zero-dose children and uncovered communities.  Additional funding was approved by Gavi in ​​December 2020 for a strategic period 2021-2025.  Cameroon, which is eligible for this program, in view of the fairly high number of children who are not reached by the multiple vaccination campaigns of the Pev- will see the Cbc-Cameroon baptist convention Heath services, with its experience, exceptional  involved in the organization and implementation of advanced public health strategies in Cameroon.  This zero dose initiative during the four years stopped will also be done with the collaboration of the Minsanté.

 The goal of the project is to effectively reach and scale zero-dose childhood immunization services in Cameroon.  This will include identifying zero-dose Zdcs-children in Cameroon and under-vaccinated communities, reaching under-vaccinated Zdcs and communities with evidence-based interventions, measuring and monitoring performance, and advocating for sustainable investments.  .  In his launch speech, the Secretary General of the Minsanté, Pr Richard Ndjock welcomed Gavi’s efforts which will contribute to the strengthening of vaccination activities in regions with a high rate of vulnerable people such as: the Far North, the North  , Adamaoua, East, North-West and South-West.  The population of unvaccinated children in Cameroon is estimated at 105,000. To this end, the program would like to reach all these populations thanks to the support of the EPI.  For Dr. Eugene Foyeth “It is also a question of working with the communities in order to find out what are the obstacles that exist and which prevent all children from being reached by the vaccine.  This approach will allow us to achieve all the targets of this program,” he said.

 Moreover, the Cbchs shows its willingness to work in the humanitarian field.  It must be said, although there are several stakeholders namely Gavi, World vision, Africa Cha platform, the fact remains that this initiative is carried by the Cbchs which has been established in Cameroon since 1936 and is a partner  at all times of the Minsanté.  The children of Cameroon through the effective implementation of this program will be affected by vaccination campaigns and will be immunized.

 Oscar Abessolo

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