United Int’l Peace, Governance Council: Cameroon Country  Director Commissioned

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The new Cameroon Country Director of  the  United International Peace and Governance Council, UNIPCG, Prof Mathias Itoe has been  commissioned.

 Prof Itoe was installed during a ceremony Wednesday October 12 in  Yaounde. He was called upon to uphold the core values of peace and sustainable development through peace.

Present to commission the director into office was UNIPCG Global Vice President, Ambassador Dr Jonathan Ojadah.  Ojadah  urged this new appointee to join the moving train that seeks to build sustainable peace  and make  UN 17 sustainable development goals a reality. He was accompanied by the Chief of operations for Francophone Africa Dr Amb Tony Obiora

Ojadah added that, Prof Itoe’s  mission is for advocacy  and peace . “One of the mandate is for the promotion and advocacy of sustainable peace. As you may know UNIPCG Africa is established to further join efforts with the UN 17 sustainable goal. Today we are inducting the director to accomplish Agenda 16 of the goals which is promoting peace and also Justice, Equity, inclusive governance and ensuring that agenda 16 of the UN goal is established,”  Ambassador  Ojadah told  Municipal Updates.

 Prof  Itoe, the Country Director, on his part, is looking forward to start the peace building right from the base. He told our reporter after his commissioning that: “ It is a very heavy task and we thank God because when the Lord calls, He anoints and gives provision. You know peace is what everyone wants and there cannot be development without peace. Peace begins with the peace of the mind, peace with your neighbour and family”.

 He also noted that: “ It is vital we start with ourselves and family and after that we go to the society. Nothing can move without peace. So the task is huge and we call on everyone to get involved”.

It should be noted that the United International Peace and Governance Council is an organization that is peace-seeking and promotes the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


International Peace and Governance Council Inc is a registered Civil Society Organization with headquarters in USA and Secretariats established globally for Diplomatic Missions to contribute to the acceleration of Peace, Good Governance and Poverty Eradication across the globe (2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – ECOSSOC Resolution 2015/16). IPGC is in partnership with various United Nations organs and Associations for project implementation.

IPGC is endowed with seasoned professionals and practitioners in academia for capacity Building and skills development programs in collaboration with reputable Tetiary institutions world-wide for accredited long and short term distance learning certification of Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma.

IPGC aims to bring together a wide range of civil society organizations, from the international to the local levels, to consolidate and strengthen efforts of organizations and individuals around the world to handle Civil and ethnic conflicts, inter-state wars, terrorism, poverty eradication, negative impacts of economic globalization, human rights abuses and the problems experienced by transitional and democratizing societies which portray a challenging list of problems that confront us today.

IPGC works with groups from variety of backgrounds, including youth, women, labour, educational, environmental, human rights, religious and professional bodies to support non-violent conflict resolution and works toward a culture of peace. IPGC is open for membership to NGOs, International Organizations, Personalities and Govenments.

Our Programmes

The Programmes of IPGC include, but not limited to the following:

Training and Capacity Building

IPGC provides trainings, capacity building and academic operations including seminars in conflict management, conflict resolution and peace education. This capacity building program aims to support research that produces policy-oriented recommendations for current problems, and identifies longer-term trends and patterns in international politics that hold implications for peace, security and governance.

We organize workshops for certification in conflict management in public policies; certification as a negotiator and mediator; certification of training for trainers in conflict management.

IPGC Africa Centre for Peace Research & Diplomacy

Peacebuilding Networks & Information Systems

IPGC focuses on promoting the establishment of peacebuilding networks at both the national and international levels, aimed at supporting long-lasting peaceful democratic progress. We provide assistance in effectively utilizing available procedures of United Nations bodies and specialized agencies related with Peace Keeping, Anti-Terrorism, Social, Cultural, Democracy, Education, Health, Human Rights and of other International and Regional Organizations; Providing legal and Public relations advice; Providing an information service for dissemination of information provided by the members to the public, Governments, International and Regional Organizations

Advisory Roles/Consultation

Our Experts in various fields provide advisory roles, consultation, counselling and mediation to manage and resolve conflicts by peaceful means at the local, regional and national levels.

Development of Democratic Institutions

IGPC Inc. provides assistance in development of democratic institutions and processes.

Election Monitoring

We provide services in monitoring of Elections and Referenda.

Seminars and Conferences

We organize seminars and conferences on international issues of human rights violations peace, democracy, education, health child labour, and women development.

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